“I went to Kushla with severe anxiety from past experiences. Through Therapy that Works I came to a better understanding of my past and have made peace. I was amazed after many years of counselling and other forms of therapy this process helped me to let go and the patterns we have worked on haven’t returned. This has worked in tandem with working the AA program after 5 years of sobriety. I cannot express how grateful I am to Kushla & the process for the peace and happiness this has brought me in my daily life”. – Female Aged 38

“Seeing Kushla has completely changed my life. i used to suffer from severe anxiety which stopped me from enjoying life and living in the present. I saw a variety of different counsellors but none served me. I had one session with Kushla and already felt the best I ever had. Her style of therapy is very unique but so effective. I leave sessions with her feeling on top of the world.” – Female Aged 24

“We were in a pretty dark place with our 7 year old daughter deeply troubled by anxiety. This was due to bullying and other things really scaring her. None of us got any good sleep for 3 months. Our daughter is now back to her old happy self, in fact a much improved version of her old self. Therapy That Works, the name could not be any more appropriate.” – Female Aged 7

“Kushla has helped me to understand and process my emotions so that I can live now without anxiety. I now have the knowledge, confidence and independence to live a healthy life. Kushla has gone above and beyond to help me, for that I am forever grateful and recommend her service to everyone.” – Female Aged 23


“I had been bullied at school by my friends and felt so bad, I didn’t want to go back to school. Kushla helped me feel so much better and when I went back to school I made new friends and I wasn’t bullied anymore.” – Male Aged 8


“I never thought the black hole in my heart would ever heal but now my heart is whole again.” – Female Aged 43


“I had been the one who was sexually abused as a child yet I grew up feeling guilty and ashamed about this. It affected my whole life. Finally at 40 I did something about it – what a relief – Now I am free and that child that was so unhappy is free now too.” – Female Aged 42


I had a relapse and was suffering PTSD symptoms again. Without getting into the details, the core of my recovery was how Kushla helped me understand I was living my life under the conception that I was a victim. Everything revolved around this. Relationships, work, family…everything. I had compartmentalised my life in order to live, but it wasn’t living it was existing, now I am living. – Male Aged 54


“I’m really happy going to Kushla. She’s helping me do things that I couldn’t do before.” – Female Aged 6

Fear: “I was so scared of walking on the bar that I might fall and hurt myself and I didn’t want to enter the competition, but then Kushla helped me, and I went to the competition. I didn’t fall and I wasn’t scared at all.” – Female Aged 8.

“My son was depressed and felt like he had nothing to live for. Then I found Kushla. I could finally see that spark back in his eyes and that was only after the first visit. From there he has gone from strength to strength. By the end of the year he had a small group of friends and had done better at school than ever before. The communication between us is back too. A great many thanks and hugs go to Kushla for all she has helped my son to realise what he has within himself.” – Male Aged 11

“Kushla has really helped me get through all my problems, especially with the special techniques she uses. She is very kind which is reassuring.” – Female Aged 12

Anxiety and Fear: “Our daughter refused to sleep alone and our lovely sunny child was a shadow of her former self. We did not know what to do or where to turn. With patience, a loving nature and expert skills Kushla worked with our daughter (and with us) to help her through this difficult period.” – Female Aged 7.

Phobia: “Kushla helped me overcome my fear of bugs and spiders. Before then I could not even sleep I was so afraid one would be in my room. Now I can sleep peacefully and now I am not afraid of them, in fact I can now pick them up and feel like they are my friends.” – Female Aged 10.


Having to cope with the external pressures from school has become so much less of a worry. I now have personal stability and interact better at an interpersonal level. – Male aged 17

My 13 year old granddaughter started to see Kushla as a result of some sudden obsessive traits appearing. Over just a couple of sessions with Kushla these had completely disappeared and Kushla had sourced the emotional seed from which these behaviours had grown. Kushla has done profound and gentle work to empower my granddaughter to develop a far healthier view of herself and her world. They have a deeply trusting relationship and I am grateful that my granddaughter has someone like Kushla to turn to as she navigates her teenage years.


“I found Kushla to have a very different approach to counselling which was powerful and refreshing. I felt comfortable to open up and trust Kushla who worked closely with me to help me work through a complicated personal crisis which was causing me a great deal of stress. After 2 sessions I was in a much better place emotionally”. Female Aged 55

I had always been so independent, but once I had my first baby I felt so trapped. Kushla helped me to see that I did not need to feel this way, and I know now that the world is still my oyster.” – Female Aged 35

“I actually did not think I would ever get over my separation, but I did, and have even now remarried, and life is worth living again.” – Male Aged 45

It was such a low time when my husband’s business was in receivership and my marriage was hanging by a thread. Kushla helped me put everything into perspective and I felt unburdened, lighter, empowered and restored! – Female Aged 43

My father had passed away for over 3 months and it was coming up to fathers day. My grief was overwhelming and I did not know how I would cope on the day. Kushla, actually in just one session, helped me to get through the grief to be able to visit his grave for the first time on fathers day, give him my love, feel the love and be okay. – Female Aged 57

My personal journey has been amazing and I am so grateful that I managed to find someone who offered the guidance and support to allow me to discover my true self. – Female Aged 43