Everyone faces emotional distress within themselves at some point and time in their lives. The secret is how we deal with and heal ourselves, so we can continue on living life to the full. A leader in her field, Kushla offers progressive forms of therapy for any person who requires positive change. The office provides free parking and is based in Takapuna for easy motorway access from Auckland City and the North Shore.
1 in 4 New Zealanders experience anxiety symptoms, panic attacks or phobias. Modern techniques are available now to help alleviate these symptoms for you.

New Zealand was ranked 2nd for people experiencing major depression symptoms. The right therapy and counselling CAN make a difference.


Losing a loved one can be traumatic for someone at any age. Asking for help through the grief stage can greatly assist getting through your loss.

Relationship problems, or breakups often create overwhelming emotion and instability. Effective techniques are available to help you through these difficult times.


Specialising in emotional wellness, Kushla offers progressive forms of therapy to all age groups helping you reach your goal of positive change.
Behavioural issues, anxiety, being withdrawn or shy, sad or appearing depressed, trying to cope with their parents divorce, bullying at school or home, are all common emotional concerns for your child.

Anxiety, depression, low self esteem, stress, loneliness, are often experienced through teenage years. The right tools can navigate through these feelings, bringing a positive impact to your life.

As adults we face emotional distresses like trauma, ptsd, death, relationship difficulties, adultery, abuse, stress, which can all be helped with fast, effective, therapy techniques at Modern Mind.